multifunctional underlay with ventilation feature for floating floors


Stop the underfloor humidity with ProVent

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Provent Videos

The new 4 minutes long ProVent animation video explains in detail the main feature of product – the ventilation of subfloor and benefits linked with it.

It is a 6 minutes long video explaining the idea behind ProVent and the features & benefits of this product. A high quality DVD version of this video in a number of languages is available on request.

Provent leaflet

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Promotional tools

Micropumping Demo stand

The Micropumping Demo stand is a simulation of an installed flooring (a small section). It shows the "micropumping effect” (slight up-and-down movements which create the air exchange under ProVent) in operation. Walking  (footsteps) on the „flooring surface” of Demo stand would create small movements which extract the air from underfloor.

Since the „flooring” is being hermetically sealed from all sides the air can come out only through a small transparent plastic pipe which is connected to the „flooring”. In the pipe there is a coloured liquid which moves up and down due to the changing air pressure.

Demo stand was created to show the purpose of using ProVent as an underlay. It gives a very good idea about the obvious benefits of this product. Demo stand can be used in shops, showrooms and during exhibitions & trade shows. It is available to ProVent dealers in different sizes.

Display Pallet-Box

ProVent Display box is a printed pallet-size cardboard box for the display of small ProVent rolls in shops and showrooms. The purpose of the the Display box is to attract the customers’ attention to the main benefits of ProVent and the product itself.

PEPI RER presents ProVent at Domotex 2009, Hannover, Germany