multifunctional underlay with ventilation feature for floating floors

Test reports and Certificates

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Certificate of conformity1
Product complies with the requirements for the construction products.

Emission classification of building materials2
ProVent belongs to the low emission class M1

National technical approval in Germany3
ProVent may be used as a valid flooring underlay due to a low emission level and accepted fire class
Health and environmental assessment12
ProVent does not contain any restricted health and/or environmentally hazardous substances. Grade A, the best classification
Enviroment management certificate4
SIA „PEPI RER” maintains the Environment Management System according to ISO 14001
Recommendation from the Estonian Allergy Federation5
Right to use "Eesti Allergialiit tunnustab" (Recognised by Estonian Allergy Federation) marking on ProVent
Recommendation from the Latvian Asthma and Allergy Association6
Right to use a special marking on ProVent

Verification of the air movements under laminate parquet when ProVent is used7
ProVent  „enables the air to move in the canals formed beneath the underlay” and „air moves beneath laminate parquet due to micro-pumping caused by walking”
Determination of concrete drying underneath underlays with air channels/ventilation gap. Test performed with ProVent8
ProVent creates an open system between the room air and the surface of the concrete. ProVent ensures permanent drying of concrete

Determination of the impact sound insulation with a 7 mm laminate flooring7
The reduction of impact sound pressure level (sound direction DOWN) ∆Lw = 20 dB
Determination of the impact sound insulation with a 14 mm parquet flooring9
The reduction of impact sound pressure level (sound direction DOWN) ∆Lw = 21 dB
Determination of the walking sound improvement with a 7mm laminate10
Relative difference of the loudnesses of the reference and the test flooring (sound direction UP): 4.6%
Determination of the walking sound improvement with a 14mm parquet flooring10
Relative difference of the loudnesses of the reference and the test flooring (sound direction UP): 8%
Effectiveness of floor coverings in reducing Impact Sound Transmission through concrete Floors, with 8mm laminate11
Established Increase in impact insulation class  ∆IIC = 21.0 .Testing performed for the USA market.
Impact Sound Transmission Test, with 8mm laminate11
Established normalized impact sound pressure level. Impact Insulation Class  IIC (dB) = 50 .Testing performed for the USA market.
Sound Transmission Loss Test, with 8mm laminate11
Established Sound Transmission Class STC (dB): 49 .Testing performed for the USA market

Determination of the water vapour permeability7
Water vapour transmission properties of ProVent established
Moisture performance research report7
ProVent „gives the flooring about the same protection against the rising moisture as the 0.2mm PE foil”

Determination of the thermal conductivity and the thermal resistance7
ProVent may be used with the floor heating systems. The thermal resistance of ProVent is 0.070 (m²K)/W

Vertical deformation of an installed laminate flooring over ProVent8
Vertical movement of the flooring over ProVent has the same range as over 2mm PE-foam underlay (<0.5mm)
Determination of alternate vertical movements on the structure of ProVent underlay and joints of the parquet/laminate floor8
Performed with 18 brands of laminate and parquet flooring. ProVent did not loose its original thickness under 100,000 repetitive loadings and the movements did not damage the joints of sample flooring
Determinate the change of appearance of laminate floor joints under the movement of a castor chair by using ProVent underlay8
Performed with a number of laminate and parquet brands. No detachment of layers, opening of joints nor crazing were found on samples
Required load for a 0.5mm loss of thickness8
>900kg/m2 according to DIN EN 826

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5 Estonian Allergy Federation
6 Latvian Asthma and Allergy Association
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