multifunctional underlay with ventilation feature for floating floors

ProVentTM allows an Early Installation of flooring

How it works?

ProVent ventilates the subfloor due to the protected MicropumpingTM ventilation system. A forced ventilation of the underfloor area is the main advantage of ProVent underlay which makes it a unique product.The profiled underneath surface forms the system of air channels which, when walking on floor, ensures the air exchange that eliminates water vapour from the underfloor area.

Thanks to the flexibility of polyethylene foam and the right size of air channels the walking on the floor creates pumping movements with enough pressure to exchange air in the underfloor continuously.

ProVent is 2,5mm thick at the highest point (at waves) when extruded and approximately 2,3mm thick in working conditions under the floor pressure. The thickness together with the profile of air channels and the properties of foam are just correct to enable the continuous pumping.

Underfloor ventilation feature improves considerably the level of protection that ProVent provides for the flooring material. The permanent air exchange on the surface of subfloor would keep the moisture level very low and prevent the formation of mould in the underfloor area.

The ventilation feature of ProVent was proved in The Verification of the air movements under laminate test completed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

An excerpt from the test:„It can be stated that the tested parquet underlay enables the air to move in the canals formed beneath the underlay and that air moves beneath laminate parquet due to micro-pumping caused by walking.” See the full Test report here.

Ventilation prevents the formation of mould

Humidity in the area between subfloor and flooring material often leads to the formation of mould.

Mould presents a huge problem not only to the building itself. The more important issue is the potential health hazard to humans due to possible allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Besides that mould may cause more types of illnesses like immunotoxic and infection.

According to common knowledge 80% of problem cases are connected to mould growing under the floor. ProVent is the first low cost system of self-ventilated flooring underlay that eliminates the conditions for development of mould. This way ProVent helps to create a healthy environment in your living area as well as in your office.

Full moisture protection

ProVent provides a full moisture protection of parquet and there is no need for any additional vapor barrier

The damp proofing level of ProVent is extra high. It fights the humidity at two levels:

1. Level one. Vapor protection properties of the material itself. The layer of closed-cell polyethylene foam in combination with HDPE membrane ensures a very high ratio of the water vapor resistance. According to the Moisture Performance research completed by the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), in August 2008, ProVent provides a full protection of parquet or laminate against moisture. The properties of ProVent may be compared to the properties of 0.2mm LDPE film which is the most commonly used vapor barrier. The VTT statement confirms that, if you use ProVent as an underlay, there is no need for additional vapor barrier.

2. Level two. Micropumping ventilation system extracts water vapor from the underfloor. In fact it dries up the surface of concrete subfloor even before the moisture would have a chance to reach through the underlay to the flooring.

For more information see the test and research reports:

Determination of the water vapour permeability  

Moisture performance research report

Excellent impact noise insulation

Normal polyethylene foam underlays have got a ratio of footstep noise reduction from 17dB to 19dB. PEPI 2mm underlay provides an impact noise insulation of 19dB.
ProVent performs even better and it is due to the special cell structure of the foam base and the profiled surface of underlay.

The affirmed impact sound reduction of ProVent (under 7mm laminate flooring) is:
     ∆Lw (sound direction down)                  22 dB
     ∆Llin (sound direction up)                      9 dB

For more information see the test report:

Determination of the impact sound insulation

The sound insulation level of ProVent has been proved in a number of independant testings  in different countries.  One of the most comprehensive tests was completed in Finland by Heikki Helimäki Oy (Helimäki Akustikot).

During  the test a number of popular underlays were tested and compered with each other in a number of applications both with laminate and parquet flooring.  ProVent proved to be the best underlay when applied with laminate and one of the best when applied with parquet (engineered) flooring.

See the comparative test results in the table here.