multifunctional underlay with ventilation feature for floating floors

Material Structure

ProVent presents a combination of a low density non-crosslinked polyethylene (LDPE) foam sheet and a high density polyethylene (HDPE) membrane.

Both materials are laminated together to create a multifunctional underlay with vapour barrier included..

The foam base of ProVent is ribbed (wavy). When extruded the thickness of product at the highest point is 2.5mm. In working conditions, under the floor pressure, ProVent is approximately 2,3mm thick.

The size of the air channels and the structure of foam are adjusted to ensure the flexibility and durability of material. A recent testing showed that ProVent didn’t change its original thickness even after 100 000 simulated footsteps while maintaining the ability to ventilate the underfloor area.

The normal range of micropumping (up-and-down movements) under an installed flooring is approximately 1mm.

Manufacturing Process

For the production of ProVent foam base we use a regular PE foam extrusion machines that are supplied with custom designed extrusion dies. Material comes in rolls.

Manufacturing requires the use of selected polyethylene resin brands of high quality. This way we ensure the small size of tiny air cells and the fine even structure everywhere in the foam.

After that a HDPE membrane is laminated to the foam base using a heat laminator.

Technical datasheet

Thickness in working conditions (not less)2,3 mm
polyethylene foam
HDPE film

Density of the profiled foam layer (not less)35 kg/m³
Water vapour resistanceequal to 0.2mm LDPE vapour barrier
Impact sound reduction
    ∆ LIin (sound direction up)
    ∆ Lw (sound direction down)

9 dB
22 dB
Thermal resistance0,040 (m²*K)/W.
Roll width:1.0, 1.2, 1.3m*
*the width of HDPE membrane is 20cm more than the width of foam base
Roll length:10 to 100m
Transport packaging:loose packaging in plastic bags only or in cardboard boxes on pallets
For more information see the Full Technical Datasheet:ProVent Technical Datasheet (as PDF)